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          This is just a general look into the work our team has compiled with the help of the Organizations and the community.


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Research Team

Patricia Bad Eagle

Barb Scott

Christina Bastein


What the Human Resource Inventory is all About

  • The Human Resource Inventory is a project coordinated by the Piikani Employment Services with the goal of generating statistics from within the Piikani Nation.
  • Currently, there are 616 Piikani Nation members listed in an inventory Database. These came from multiple sources.

       - Organizations from within the Piikani Nation

       - Stats from Piikani Nation members

       - Stats that came from Lethbridge

  • After taking in these stats, they are analysed and when everything looks satisfactory, tables and graphs are generated based on the data collected.
  • The Project began in November of 2006 and is expected to be completed by December of 2007.


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